Vector Dollar Badge Set with Money Frames

License: End User License Agreement
Size: Medium JPEG
Price: $4.99
Pixels: 1000 × 1000px
Filetype: jpg jpeg — Jpeg Image
License: End User License Agreement
Size: Large JPEG
Price: $7.99
Pixels: 3000 × 3000px
Filetype: jpg jpeg — Jpeg Image
License: End User License Agreement
Size: Vector
Price: $15.00
Pixels: 6000 × 6000px
Filetype: eps — Encapsulated Post Script


Vector Dollar Badge Set with Money and Financial Frames

Easy to edit! Illustration of a set of money and dollar badge frames and ornaments. Great for any design showing money and success.

Vector file is an EPS 10 file. Vector editing features are only available with the EPS file. Watermarks are removed from the image you get after purchasing.

These dollar badges have been used in well-known financial publications and magazines. They are perfect for use in money logo design and print design. Graphic designers have used it for financial graphs, logos, and certificates. You can check out more of our financial clipart here.

Need an easy-to-edit vector dollar badge template? You’re in the right place! Check out our great selection of dollar bills, logos, and certificates. Perfect for any financial design! View all of our vector dollar products.

Our dollar badge templates make it easy to create personalized money icons, logos, and bills. All design elements are seperated, so editing is easy. Need a customizable $1 bill, or a $100 bill for a promotion? We’ve got it! What about a logo for a financial company or a crest for a money-based graphic? All our sets are based off real money and currency, and all are easy to edit. Many designers love them for certificates and packaging. Basically any financial design!

To edit your file, simply open it in Adobe Illustrator. The files are saved as vector EPS files. The files can be opened with any vector editing software. If you have any questions, We are just an email away.

Now it’s easy to design all types of financial and money graphics.  Use our vector dollar and clipart files for:

  • Your own promotional $1 and $100 bills. Sorry, it’s not legal tender.
  • Money logo design.
  • Infographics with money and growth.
  • Certificates that look like currency.
  • Packaging for money making products.
  • Any vector design that needs to look like money.

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